Dream girl

Dream girl
I was not the girl
of your dream,
From the tone of her voice,
To the shape of her body,
And the silk of her hair,
I can’t replace every touch of her skin,
And the warmth around her fingertips,
I was not the girl
of gentle smile,
nor blissful moments,
My life walked in the valley of ice and fire,
I was far burnt than ashes and gold,
My scars are deeper than the sea that dripped with sadness,
I was a girl
of every shade of colours,
A warrior who fight her war,
From the wildest sun,
To the fairest rainbow,
I was not perfect
nor my dreams and smiles,
My love for you is real,
I was the girl
of your dreams
The real one that existed,
And thought of
the one that gave you reasons to live another day,
I am yours,
I am your dream girl.

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