It felt  like yesterday  I saw

Your pretty face,

And I missing you already,

Your soft, tender voice like nightingale,

I wished there was another chance to

See you again,

But you are gone,

I was left with the ashes of your memory,

Sometimes I wish

I could be with you where you are,

Counting those stars together,

Remember the star Venus

Like the goddess of Roman,

You didn’t wait to go to Paris with me

Or see me cold during harmathan,

You made me listen to radio,

And read  your favorite Fern Michaels book,

It felt like yesterday I said yes,

Got that diamond ring on,

We promised for better for worst,

Till nothing do us part,

It’s a day before our anniversary

And you are not here,

My heart is sinking like titanic,


Will you wait for me to get there?

Where you are,

Remember the day

You got me serenaded at my doorstep,

That day the world you were the one for me,

Now I am alone,

When I look into the mirror,

I felt you are closer than I think,

I could imagine

Those kisses,

Caresses during the night,

All gone with the wind,

Will I be able to wait till when heaven calls,

Or stop dreaming.



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